was founded in 2010. It is focused on a cappella singing, with its repertoire including mainly Renaissance music and pieces composed in the 20th and 21st century representing the spirit of ancient times. Minimus frequently takes part in projects related to historically-informed performances of early music. The ensemble enjoys cooperating with contemporary composers. Its portfolio includes several preview performances of a cappella choral pieces. It performs throughout Poland, placing an emphasis both on high artistic level and well-thought dramaturgy of its concerts. Minimus Vocal Ensemble recorded three CDs – “Nie tylko kolędy” (“More Than Carols”) of 2014 featuring innovative carol arrangements, “Media Vita” of 2017, a premiere recording of pieces composed by Marek Raczyński in the form of a monographic album, and the most recent one, “Wacław Reimagined” (2022), with contemporary pieces inspired by the works of Wacław z Szamotuł. The ensemble is a winner of numerous national and international choral contests. It was distinguished at such competitions and festivals as the International Festival of Sacred and Passion Music in Szczecin (Grand Prix, 20221), International Sacred Music Festival in Rumia (1st place in the category, 2018), Ars Liturgica National Competition in Gniezno (Golden Diploma 2018, 2014), the International Choral Music Festival in Barczewo (Golden Diploma, 2016) or the Wacław z Szamotuł National Choral Competition (1st place in the category, 2011). It was also honoured for the culture of sound and for its exquisite performances of early music. The group is composed of experienced singers rooting from Poznań’s best choirs. Sławomira Raczyńska is the ensemble’s artistic director. First and foremost, however, Minimus is a group of friends who share a passion for polyphonic singing. Their different characters and personalities complement each other in their shared pursuit of beauty.
soprany: Marta Jodko, Maria Mordas, Maria Urbanek, Teresa Wosicka
alty: Agata Góra, Sławomira Raczyńska
tenory: Bartosz Adamczewski, Marek Raczyński
basy: Stanisław Bręczewski, Szymon Ratajczak


RACZYŃSKA graduated from the I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań with honours in two specialisations: Choral Conducting in the class of prof. dr hab. M. Gandecki and Baroque Oboe in the class of mgr Marek Niewiedział. Since 2016, she has been a lecturer at her alma mater, at the Faculty of Composition, Conducting, Vocal Arts, Theory of Music and Artistic Education. She was also an assistant to the conductor of the Chamber Choir at the Academy of Music in Poznań (2016-2021). She is a winner of the 2nd prize at the 12th National Competition for Choral Conductors. Since 2011, she has been working as a choir and vocal ensemble teacher at the Jerzy Kurczewski Choral School in Poznań. In 2010, she founded Minimus Vocal Ensemble, which she leads as an artistic director and a conductor. With her ensembles, she won a number of prizes in national and international choral competitions. As an oboist, she cooperated with Baroque orchestras throughout Poland, such as the Wrocław Baroque Orchestra, MACV ensemble of the Warsaw Chamber Opera or the Polish Orchestra of the 18th century.


is a Polish organist, living in Belgium for the past 30 years. After graduating from the Musical Academy of Poznań, Poland, studying under Professor Romuald Sroczyński, he completed his studies at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with Professor Jean Ferrard. Eugeniusz has performed in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland, Italy and the United States (New Haven - Connecticut; Los Angeles - California, New York - St. Patrick's Cathedral) and many times in Poland at the most important national organ festivals. He has recorded music for the Belgian radio station Radio 3 and Polish Radio, and also co- operates with the Philharmonic Society in Poznań, Poland. As part of his artistic activity, Eugeniusz Wawrzyniak does not limit himself to organ recitals, but is constantly looking for new challenges, combining his interpretations of organ music with other instrumentalists. An example is his last double CD record, on which he is accompanied by the great artists Marc Grauwels and Yossif Ivanov. Other musicians with whom he has performed include artists and groups as: Lorenzo Gatto (violin), Roman Gryń (trumpet), The Boys' and Men's Choir of the Poznań Philharmonic Society – “The Poznan Nightingales" conducted by Maciej Wieloch, String Quartet Sirius (Prague), and Thierry Cammaert (oboe). As the president of the Musical Association Concerto in Charleroi, Belgium, he organises organ, choral and chamber music concerts which form the annual Marchienne Musical Festival. A constant theme of the association’s involvement in the cultural life of Wallonia includes bringing the local Polish community and culture closer to the Belgian community, enriching both in the process. Since 1990, Eugeniusz WAWRZYNIAK has been the organist at Notre Dame de Miséricorde church in Marchienne-au-Pont, Belgium. He also teaches piano and organ at the nearby Atélier Musical de Manage. Eugeniusz Wawrzyniak's achievements include two solo organ albums: Felix Mendelssohn’s Sonatas recorded in 2015 at the basilica and arch-cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Poznan, and the album "Soli Deo Gloria" with works of J. S. Bach, A. Guilmant, R. Freteur, F. Borowski and Ch. Pardini, recorded in 2017 in church of Saint Casimir the Prince in Wroclaw, Poland. He is also the founder of the Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble “Credo”, with whom he recorded two CDs: "Avec vous, je suis avec vous" (2012) and "Pour aimer de plus grand amour" in 2014. In the years 2011-2013 Eugeniusz Wawrzyniak was nominated three times for the title "Pole of the Year in Belgium" in the field of culture - a competition organized by the Council of the Polish Community in Belgium in cooperation with the Consular Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Brussels. In October 2015, Eugeniusz was awarded the “Medaille de Saint Eleuthère” by Monseigneur Guy Harpigny, bishop of the Diocese of Tournai, Belgium, in recognition of his 25 years of service to the parish and community at Notre Dame de Miséricorde.